A personalized ’smart stamp’ for identification
& registration and the activation of content.

A digital and innovative adjustment to old familiar habits.

Quick, easy and comfortable

Kudoos makes life easier!

This is it

Kudoos is a contemporary tool to perform digital identification and registration by using a stamp.

Users are 'stamped' when they check in at any location; they are identified and registered and are, if so desired, provided with content or information.

The strength of this physical stamp is that it makes use of existing patterns in behaviour, so acceptance and adaption evolve naturally.

The stamp is equipped with advanced technology so it is possible to personalise each stamp and facilitate quick transfer of data.

Besides the technical aspects, the stamp is easy to use. Batteries are not required, coupons or customer cards or not needed anymore;
all you need is your smartphone!

Ofcourse Kudoos is applicable for iOS, Android and Windows, furtermore… for all capacitive touchscreens!

Technical intro

  • The bottom of the stamp contains a digital ’fingerprint’ that is recognized by our API upon checking in.
  • The stamp performs with all capacitive touchscreens; smartphones, tablets and also touchable laptop screens.
  • The stamp is executed completely in plastic, no chips or batteries are required.
  • Currently the stamp is printed by 3D printer, soon we will move to die casting to produce more unique ’fingerprints’.
  • Customization is ofcourse possible to provide that personal touch.


The possibilities are endless, for example employees can register their attendance at work, customers in a shop check in to activate their loyalty program or travellers register their usage of transport.

  • Just imagine...

    In healthcare, Kudoos allows you, in combination with beacons, to register and follow every important activity for hospitals, patients and their loved ones.

  • In retail customer engagement is a struggle for consumers with coupons, customer cards etcetera. Kudoos brings a very easy to use digital customer engagement tool that will be more effective and convenient than paper or plastic loyalty cards will ever be. Since all your customer needs is his smartphone…

  • In Public Transport users can use their smartphone to check in or out of busses and trains without the hassle of buying a ticket. Quick, easy and comfortable.



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